In the competition for growth and engagement, tech companies have created a race for human attention that has corrupted the information ecosystem.      

→ The internet is filled with fragmented bits of information.

→ Algorithms are designed to reduce your attention span and keep you scrolling.

→ Quick attention grabbers win the game and context is sacrificed.

→ Information systems turn into polarising echo chambers.

→ The information overload is exhausting.           

At Sane, we're building a better way to consume information on the internet.

For the first time in history, nearly every person on Earth has access to trillions of bits of information in their pockets. We exist in the age of information, yet the technology that surrounds us has unleashed a set of problems that are threatening our cognitive abilities, health, social relationships, and ability to make sense of the world.

Consuming information on the internet has become a constant, and most often passive, habit we undertake at all waking hours of the day. We frantically skim through a million newsletters, condense our thoughts into 140 character boxes, and jump from browser to browser balancing notifications and the constant overflow of new information. This has reduced our ability to think, focus, and solve problems.

This is why we're building Sane. When designed ethically, technology can help dig us out of these loops we've gotten ourselves into. Rather than decrease our cognitive abilities, it can supercharge them. Our mission is to advocate for and build humane, anxiety-free, and effective tools that allow people to discover new ideas and create habits for intentional thinking.

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A better way to consume information on the internet.

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➊ The internet is exhausting. Sane cuts through the bs for you — creating a decluttered, anxiety-free way of discovering new ideas.
➋ We pull ideas and research from thinkers across history, psychology, science, governance, philosophy and more to provide a hyper-personalised guide to intellectual pursuit based on your interests.
➌ Our algorithm works differently. Get exposed to a wide spectrum of ideas, challenge black-and-white explanations, and develop new arguments.
➍ Sane brings intentionality to information consumption. No infinite scrolling or jumping from tab to tab. Read ten minutes once a day, and make meaningful thinking a part of your routine.

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Sane is run by a young and persistently curious team obsessed with building information systems that support critical thinking.

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