Sane is your personal AI for intellectual pursuit.
Once a day, we create a reading experience that fills the gaps and helps you understand the world around you.
__How it works
We pull ideas and research from thinkers across history, psychology, science, politics, philosophy and more to provide a hyper-personalised guide to intellectual pursuit based on your interests.
Our natural-language engine processes research from various fields that is combined with the expertise of human intellectuals to teach you about the different forces shaping society.
Sane brings intentionality to information consumption. No infinite scrolling or jumping from tab to tab. Read five to ten minutes once a day, and make meaningful thinking a part of your routine.
The internet is exhausting. Sane cuts through the bs for you โ€” creating a decluttered, anxiety-free way of discovering new ideas.
The library

Save your daily reads, quotes, and book recommendations in your personal Sane library. We help you organise everything in one place and keep track of your progress.
Sane the contrarian
Our algorithm works differently. Get exposed to a wide spectrum of ideas, challenge black-and-white explanations, and develop critical thinking.
Sane connects in meaningful ways. Share your intellectual journey with chosen friends, see each others' libraries, and get suggestions based on common history.
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